360 Active Campus

 About 360 Active Campus:

How an active lifestyle improves your health as well as your grades! Bring your life full circle.

If you walk into any college dorm room across the nation, you’ll see some of the most creative and unhealthy meals. College students consume anything and everything, from pop tarts and ramen noodles, to McDonald’s and potato chips. These unhealthy meals, along with other poor lifestyle choices, can lead to stress, depression, and severe illness. Julius Hearn is here to guide college students into a healthy lifestyle, and hopefully make your life a little easier.

Julius’ goal is to enlighten and mentor young adults at the high school and college level on overall health and well-being.


 Learning objectives include:

How to grocery shop on a $50 weekly budget

How to make quick, easy and nutritious meals

How to avoid the Freshman 15

Effective 10-minute workouts

Identifying key nutrients that help with specific issues (like sugar cravings, smoking, etc.)


Julius offers 3 different packages:

  1. Keynote: the underlying message of being more active and making better nutritional decisions to better brain function and overall health.

Keynote topics include:

  • Eating healthy on a budget
  • Using food and certain nutrients as medicine
  • Long-term effects of an unhealthy diet
  1. Keynote & Workshop(s): 45-minute-long presentation
  • Workshop demonstrations include:
    • Portion control
    • Meal prepping
  • Exercising in small spaces
    • Q & A
  1. Keynote, Workshop(s), Bootcamp & Run:
  • Bootcamp & Run for men and women of all ages includes:
    • Resistance, aerobic, & anaerobic movements
    • 2-3 mile charity run to raise awareness of healthy college living

Julius Hearn is one of the founders and owners of 360 Active Recovery. Born and raised in Chicago, he graduated Magnum Cum Laude from the University of Texas-Pan American with his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Sports Administration. Following graduation, Julius played professional basketball in the Republic of Georgia. He returned to Chicago to work as a trainer and obtained his Master’s in Business Administration from Keller Graduate School of Management, and became a Certified Nutritionist. Julius is currently studying to become a doctor of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

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