ANTHEM  Classic Rock & Beyond… 

Established in 2014 as And Beyond, “ANTHEM” is an all-live musical experience that goes above and beyond the typical Classic Rock band, covering all-time favorites like Styx, REO, Boston, Whitesnake, Led Zeppelin, Kansas, Queen, Journey, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Foreigner, Alice in Chains, Triumph, and more! Anthem’s members are experienced musical artists, and have been entertaining large crowds for decades, as former longtime brand building members of some very popular Chicago area Classic Rock cover bands, and in a short time have re-joined the ranks of the top drawing Classic Rock bands in the area. Since launching, they’ve quickly built an impressive resume, having performed at many major area venues and Summer/Fall events, and continue to expand their reach. Always audience participation, outstanding vocals, versatile set lists, ANTHEM continues to be a crowd favorite, and is always a good choice for your concert line-up!

What You Can Expect to Hear:

– Styx

– Reo 

– Bon Jovi

– Van Halen

– Night Ranger 

– Whitesnake 

– Journey

– Led Zeppelin

– Aerosmith

– Poison

– Def Leppard 

– Ozzy Osbourne

– Rush



– Boston

– Loverboy

– Triumph             

– Kansas

– Cheap Trick

– Grand Funk

– Aldo Nova

– Kid Rock

– Saga

– Damn Yankees

– Eagles

– Motley Crue

– Beatles

– The Killers

– Alice In Chains

– Guns And Roses

– Europe

– The Outfield

– Tom Petty

– John Mellencamp

– Blink 182 

– Autograph

– Manfred Mann

– Bryan Adams

– Van Morrison

– Metallica

– Neil Diamond

– Lit

– Jimmy Eat World

– Kiss

– Uriah Heep

– Zz Top

– Lynyrd Skynyrd

– & More!