Big Life

“You entertained, informed and actively engaged our students in learning – not a small task!” -Madonna Weathers – Director of Student Development, Morehead State University


Designed for graduating college students.

  • What is a 401(k)?
  • Which job offer is best for me?
  • What is the difference between an HMO and a PPO – and why should I care?

These intimidating questions and more await students upon graduation. Leave it to Dog & Pony Shows to take the mystery and boredom out of insurance, investments, job offers and more!

Rather than relying on boring bullet points and pie charts, Patrick discuss topics by using various scenarios. For example, in the “Getting Started” portion of the show, humorous scenarios are utilized to illustrate the costs associated with a student obtaining their first job and moving out on their own. Your graduating seniors will enjoy and appreciate this lively presentation of vital info relating to the “real world.” Students really get involved.

Whether watching, playing the game or participating in the student-on-the-street interviews, students are thoroughly engaged. They truly respond to the dynamic interactive exchanges -and participants leave with knowledge as well as prizes.


How your students can participate in the fun:

  • They can attend the interactive multimedia show and volunteer to participate in the game fielding True or False, Multiple Choice, and other questions that test their money skills and real world know-how.
  • For an additional fee, your own students can be taped in pre-show student-on-the-street video interviews that test their financial knowledge. We can incorporate in these in a game especially geared to your campus.

(And, we should note, even students who come only as spectators always have a good time!)

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