Big Money

“The information you presented was excellent. The quality of the production was first rate and the personality of you both as performers was just what we needed. Your show was very entertaining and informative.” -Paul Lehmann – Director of Student Activities, Utica College


big money 2 jpg formatBio:

Designed For New Students or the Whole Campus

The informative program focuses on the importance of students actively managing their finances. We interview students on campuses across the country, asking basic questions about their finances. It’s your students’ job to guess whether or not our student-on-the-street knows the right answer. If they answer correctly, they win cash or prizes! It’s that easy! Finance majors have no advantage and students never leave feeling stupid because they should have known something others knew.

Patrick will run through a fun-filled, information-packed multimedia presentation designed to cover the basics of a student’s financial life -perfect for newcomers or the entire student body. Instead of a dull lecture, students are led through fun financial scenarios that illustrate the good and bad powers of interest and the importance of saving over time.

How your students can participate in the fun:

  • They can attend the interactive multimedia show and volunteer to participate in the game fielding True or False, Multiple Choice, and other questions that test their money skills and real world know-how.
  • For an additional fee, your own students can be taped in pre-show student-on-the-street video interviews that test their financial knowledge. We can incorporate in these in a game especially geared to your campus.

(And, we should note, even students who come only as spectators always have a good time!)

Students Will Learn:

Credit cards – It isn’t free money, that spring break trip could cost you thousands

Saving/budgeting – Astounding results from saving a couple dollars per day

Checking accounts/ATMs – Tips and tricks to pay less fees and keep more of your money

Debt management – I’m already in trouble, now what can I do?

Credit reports – Decisions you make now, will affect your ability to buy in the future

Student Loans –Best ways to pay them back

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To book Big Money, email or call 773-481-2600.