Bopology brings 1940’s Jump-Swing Music into the future. 

From the swingin’ ‘40’s to the 21st century, that easily-identifiable feeling we call “swing” is made even more appealing by Bopology, a renowned band from Chicago, Illinois.

This multi-talented, six-piece band’s history speaks for itself. Established in 1992 and honed in Chicago, Bopology was playing swing before swing was cool. Featured on WTTW’s “Wild Chicago,” the band boasts a lineup of well-known musicians who create an atmosphere that fuses music and dance together for any size crowd, perfect for all ages.

Non-dancers – also known as listeners – will delight in the tight arrangements and exciting improvisation while dancers will swing to the rock-solid jazz rhythm section. Bopology fits into any event where first-rate, high-quality music is called for.


Here’s how others describe them:

“…upbeat, stylish swing music performed by able musicians with a clean sound… perfect for late summer soirees that require a kick.” Pioneer Press® July 2003, Chicago, IL

“Not surprisingly, in the course of 40 years the Custer Fair established many ‘fan favorite’ performances. Some of the returning popular entertainment acts include the band Bopology and …” Shop Evanston Magazine® 2011