Brent Brown

BrentBrown34 by Katie Hovland

Brent Brown has been on the same bill as Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell, Corey Chisel, Ark Life, Mr. Blotto, and many more.
For a 27yr old solo act, this guy packs serious sound via acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonicas, a stomp box, and to top if off; live loops it at his discretion on a custom pedal board.
  • Brent knows 400 covers and has recorded 6 albums worth of original music. If you search ‘Brent Brown’ on youtube you will find hundreds of videos from his humble beginnings 9 years ago to the rising songwriter/producer he is today.
  • He can bring sound equipment if needed and always has a personal monitor for consistency. 
  • Located in Illinois, but is willing to travel anywhere so long as compensated.
  • Has a 3-5 piece band only available for original music up to 1.5hrs. Brent’s band is work for hire aimed toward festivals and music venues.

For More Information on Brent Brown Call 773-481-2600 or Email us at


 IMG_0380BrentBrown24 by Katie Hovland