Alcohol, Parties & the Law

*C.L. does not encourage students to throw parties and does not give instruction on how to break the law. But, like it or not, parties happen. At some point every college student will be in a situation where their friends are making bad and potentially illegal decisions. Students who attend C.L.’s alcohol seminar will have the tools […]

A Shot of Reality

“A Shot of Reality had our students (and me!) rolling in side splitting laughter but also learning helpful tips to make safe decisions related to alcohol.  Many students came up to me or RA’s to tell us how much they enjoyed it– which is saying a lot of an alcohol education program!” – Donna Lee Sullins, Dalton […]

DUI Simulator

High Tech Educational Tool.  FUN!  Alcohol & Drug Awareness & Public Safety. This program is intended to reinforce students respect & responsibility to themselves & the community in which they live through an enlightening, hands on, virtual motion driving experience.   If they stay in the trailer: We will need a garage door opening and would […]