Word Art

About Word Art: Make it on YOUR campus with you create it, FINE ART! With Word Art, students can create their very own letter art. The gallery-quality kits come with fine art matte boards that frame out every letter, creating a neat and professional-looking masterpiece. Everything you need comes ready to use: Fine art matte boards Mount-ready backer-boards Unique-looking alphabets Extra letters, numbers, and symbols Here’s why Fine Art Photo Frames […]

Emoji Pillows & T-Shirts

 Emoji Pillows 1. Choose a flat, empty pillowcase 2. Fill it with foam 3. Zip it up and take it home. It’s as easy as 1,2,3. The hardest part is picking the right Emoji for your mood. Sad, sly, angry, happy, joyful, silly, in love, frustrated, sleepy, sunny, cute, poopy, funny or something in between. […]

Sand Art

Sand colors of red, yellow, green, blue, white, black, purple, pink, and orange are supplied in small pour bottles. Participants are provided with their choice of small bottle or hanging necklace in a variety of shapes. Our attendant will show you how to do tricks with the sand to get the most out of your […]

Photo Magic Magnets

hoto magnets and key chains are a great way to remember your event and give something to your participants. Photographer takes a digital photo and prints it out on our quick, high quality Snap Lab printer. Photos can be printed without a border or you can choose a border, we have a large selection available […]

Crane Machine

Enjoy a crane machine at your next event. Fill it with cute stuffed animals (6” – 8”) or small toys of your choice. Crane can be adjusted to “free” play for Bar or Bat Mitzvahs and children’s parties. The level of difficulty can be changed to allow for participants to succeed. Time is also adjustable. […]

Make Your Own License Plates

Make your own License Plates with our new heat process. We will provide up to 5 background selections, and you can get your name imprinted on top of it.  Signs come out very shiny and very colorful, and very hot.  After a few minutes of cooling down time, you can take home your personalized license […]

Ultimate Wave

Did you ever picture yourself “hanging ten” inside a huge Hawaiian curl? You can do exactly that with this inflated replica of a surfer dude’s most excellent wave. And, you don’t have to get wet! Participants remove their shoes (to keep them dry!), climb onto the surf board, strike an awesome pose and get a […]

Big Pink Chair

Description: Free your inner child. Enjoy having your photo taken alone or with one or two of your friends on our Big Red Chair and get a few laughs along the way. For up to 4 hours (or 400 photos) whichever comes first. Funny props will be available if you want to get extra silly.Requirements: […]

Nail Tattoos

Eye catching nail art is at the forefront of celebrity style. One or two distinct and unique Nails have become the accessory of the year. After nails are prepped with a custom pre polish, participants stick their hand into the Nail Tattoo print and in just seconds we can print any image on any artificial […]

Giant Photo Booth

Self Serve. Touch Screen Selection 55” Monitor Prints out 2 strips of 4 photos Great for Larger Groups (up to 10 people or 12’ wide) You can even upload it to your favorite social media…email or Facebook. Unlimited photos in a 4-hour period. Options (at additional cost) include logo overlays

Selfie Booth

Who doesn’t like a selfie. Using a webcam and a giant 55” touchscreen tv, you can take a selfie, write a message on it with your finger and print it out. It is a photo booth on steriods. You can even upload it to your favorite social media…email or Facebook. Unlimited 6” x 4” photos […]

Spin Art

Creative, artsy, fun. You never know what you’ll get with spin art. We have 4 different kinds of spin art… Regular Spin Art Cards with Cardboard Frames Spin Art Frisbees Spin Art Shutter Shades Spin Art T-Shirts All fun, all fast and with each attraction the participant gets to take something home as a memento, […]

Spot My Photos

At your next event, get MORE out of your event photography. Add Spot My Photos, an ingenious upgrade to our superb event photographer. Large amounts of photos with your organization’s brand are circulated to guests either in real-time or after an event. As photos are taken, guests have the option to register to receive the […]

Green Screen Photos

Highlights: General props such as boas, hats, sunglasses and attitude signs are included Unlimited photos within 4 hour period This innovative attraction combines digital photography using green screen technology which basically enables us to eliminate the green background and substitute it with another background of your choice. 6” x 4” photo is printed and provide […]

Digital Photo Booth

This hot new photo booth combines the old fashioned perception of a photo booth with today’s digital technology. Our booth provides 2 classic photo strips (2″ x 6″ strips). Each participant receives each of their photos in a complimentary transparent plastic hanging sleeve that can be customized with a label for an additional charge. 3 […]

Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Participant rolls their shirt, adds rubber bands with their own pattern and dip into four vats of bright colored dyes to make an overall design. After rinsing, participants can unfold and unveil their creation, but it will still be damp. They take their shirt home in a provided bag. Shirt should be washed (individually), dried, […]


Gather your friends and Create-A-Bear. We provide partially stuffed 8″ bears in your choice of colors; shirts; accessories; a birth certificate and a bag to take it all home. Accessories vary from socks and shoes, to jewelry to hats. Special accessories can be provided for graduations, Mitzvahs, and more. Call for information about options. Reviews: […]

Street Signs

Using our digital design software, and a professional high quality vinyl cutter, our attendant will help design your own street sign. Standard size of sign is 24″wide x 6″tall. Available in white metal. Participants select standard sayings, or write their own message to fit. Great for college events. Usually produced with Green Vinyl. Signs can […]

Big Red Chair

Description: Free your inner child. Enjoy having your photo taken alone or with one or two of your friends on our Big Red Chair and get a few laughs along the way. For up to 4 hours (or 400 photos) whichever comes first. Funny props will be available if you want to get extra silly. […]

Wax Hands

Get a wax cast of your hand to keep. You can color it in a choice of 4 colors (or use all 4 at the same time). Participants dip their hands in the wax vat over and over to build a wax casting of their hand. Great for tweens, teens and college age participants.

Old Tyme Portraits

Saddle up, pioneers! With realistic costumes and nostalgic backgrounds, Olde Tyme Photos takes you back to a simpler time. Your keepsake is available in sepia, silver tone, and straight black & white.  Enjoy the nineteenth century in the comforts of the twenty-first. Best of all – no flash powder! Each person receives a high quality […]

Photo Rama

Just like you’ve seen at the mall, photorama delivers high-quality kiosk merchandise and a professional artist to your location. Get your picture in photo cuddlers, bobbleheads, snowglobes or keychains.            

Laser Dog Tags

Your photo or text will be laser-etched on a fun and stylish keepsake! Dog tags include engraving, chain and silencer. Picture files are accepted!

Freaky Snapshots

Have you ever wanted to travel to exotic locations all over the world but never had the money? No worries! With Freaky Snapshots you and your friends can get a souvenir picture in front of the Eiffel Tower or by the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Choose from hundreds of locations and brag to your friends […]


Perform in your own music video produced with the latest digital technology. No longer is this the age of Star Wars special effects; we are in the times of The Matrix. We furnish a huge variety of music and virtual backgrounds for future stars. With MegaFlix you can lip sync, you can perform by yourself […]

Glass Etching

Glass etching ornaments, suncatchers, stem- ware, mugs, mirrors, photo frames and more…

Flip Books

NEW! Green Screen Flip Books! – Hundreds of backgrounds – Match your theme, color, concept – Props included – Custom covers available Using new digital technology plus old-fashioned ingenuity, people can now create their own personalized party favors made at a special event. Each 3-hour event can result in up to 120 complete photo flip-books. […]

Paul Draws Fast & Funny

Paul Merklein draws fast and funny faces, entertaining everyone at your event!  Paul has entertained at Chicago Bulls games, Milwaukee Summerfest, Harvard University, and colleges and special events around the country. To see Paul draw a crowd at your event, contact Bass/Schuler today.       “Another great referral. Our students turned out and left […]