Campus Free Speech

About Campus Free Speech Free speech has become a hot button issue on campuses. On its face, the First Amendment seems simple—people have a legal right to say whatever they want. But in reality, free speech rights are much more nuanced and are, of course, much less absolute. CL can give your students a working […]

Goli Gabbay

health & wellness expert • leadership • sustainable lifestyle advocate Educational Programs:  Program 1: The feel good experience. Well-being now! Through this interactive program, you will gain natural tools to hack stress and anxiety and learn how to manage and uplift your own state of mental, emotional and physical health. Goli will lead you to […]

The Stress Test

  The Stress Test provides customized, interactive sessions with students interested in: Mindfulness & Leadership Development Transition & Change Management (Social Life / Newfound Freedom / etc.) Mental Health Awareness (Stress / Anxiety / Panic) Learning to lead: help yourself to better mental health. Today’s college students are facing unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety. […]