Campus Free Speech lecture

About Campus Free Speech lecture Free speech has become a hot button issue on campuses. On its face, the First Amendment seems simple—people have a legal right to say whatever they want. But in reality, free speech rights are much more nuanced and are, of course, much less absolute. CL can give your students a […]

Goli Gabbay

wellness expert • environmental consultant • sustainable lifestyle Educational Programs:  Program 1: The feel good experience. Well-being now! This interactive program leads you to a tangible experience of peace, happiness, connection and well-being. Mental health has become a critical issue on college campuses and in our fast-paced, modern lives. Counselors are seeing a record number […]

The Stress Test

  The Stress Test provides customized, interactive sessions with students interested in: Mindfulness & Leadership Development Transition & Change Management (Social Life / Newfound Freedom / etc.) Mental Health Awareness (Stress / Anxiety / Panic) Learning to lead: help yourself to better mental health. Today’s college students are facing unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety. […]