Sex & the Law

Highlights: Make sure your students, or troops, understand how the law applies to the more sordid parts of their lives. After the lecture attendees will: Meets all Title IX Programing Requirements Fully understand the concept of consent in sexual situations and have practices to put in place in their personal lives Be given strategies to […]

Classrooms & the Law

Highlights: Class, it’s ACTUALLY the reason people go to college, so make sure your students understand their rights and responsibilities in the classroom. After the lecture students will: Have basic strategies for dealing with their professors Be able to take specific steps to challenge an unfair grade from evaluating if the grade was unjustified (often […]

Computing & the Law

Highlights: Make sure your students understand the potential pitfalls of being careless online. After the lecture attendees will: Understand the implications of participating in campus “confession” sites, including potential legal and disciplinary liabilities for both posters and site administrators. Plagiarism & Intellectual Property Potential Employers & Online Information – the content of your Facebook page […]

Alcohol, Parties & the Law

*C.L. does not encourage students to throw parties and does not give instruction on how to break the law. But, like it or not, parties happen. At some point every college student will be in a situation where their friends are making bad and potentially illegal decisions. Students who attend C.L.’s alcohol seminar will have the tools […]