Magician Daniel Martin

“Daniel Martin’s show was a laugh-out loud, jaw dropping performance that left us wanting more. It is a must see performance for all college campuses!” –Methodist University About Daniel: Daniel Martin has quickly become one of the most in demand performers touring today. His high-energy fusion of Exhilarating Magic, Cons & Sarcastic Improv continually leads […]

Central Park Bubbles

About Central Park Bubbles Central Park Bubbles is an Interactive Giant Bubble Performance Team composed of Jason, a former Youth Counselor and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, and Kishan a former Chef and Bubble Scientist.  The team will come to your college, make Giant Bubbles, Put Students Inside Giant Bubbles, and supply equipment for […]

Alex Clark

“That was so unique from anything we’ve ever had before – and it was better.” – Nate M. Thomas College – Campus Activities Board About Alex: -An epic blend of circus and stand up -He’s juggled chainsaws, tempted fate with fire, balanced on big unicycles, and balanced on top of a free standing ladder -He’s […]

Mad Chad Taylor

  ” “The most amazing show of the semester” -Josh Miller, Ball State University   “We would definitely recommend him!” -Kristen Oney Northern Arizona University “Incredible!”  -Jay Leno About Mad Chad: -THE EVIL KNIEVEL OF COMEDY    This Guinness World Record Holder’s hilarious and crazy 60 minute family friendly show is perfect to kick off the school year, for […]

Mentalist Chris Carter

“Christopher Carter blew the minds of all the students. He is funny, great to work with and very polite. I would have him back in a heart beat. Phenomenal show!” – Brandon Carpenter, Illinois Central College About Chris:                                         […]

Hypnotist chrisjones

“The show was amazing, indescribably funny. Our students love Chris Jones, and I am sure I have to bring him back for the 4th time in a row.” -Le Tavoloni, Brevard College About Chris: -chrisjones offers a high-energy show that is interactive for both those being hypnotized and those in the audience, and is guaranteed […]

Mentalist Sean Bott

“A crazy blend of Jack Black and Criss Angel. AMAZING!”–LA Times “This guys not just a mind reader, he’s a freaking JEDI!” –Student, Wyoming About Sean: His show includes mind reading, telepathy, and predicting the future, and he will even come to your school early for teasers He will freak you out and make you laugh […]

Magician Dennis Watkins

“A psychic wonder kin, bending the natural laws of the universe!”–Broadwayworld Highlights: -Has won awards and honors from Texas Association of Magicians, the Society of American Magicians and the Desert Magic Seminar -Has performed at the Tropicana Casino, Planet Hollywood Casino, and the Hard Rock Casino (all on the Vegas strip), Chicago’s Navy Pier, The United   […]

Hypnotist Frederick Winters

“A smash performance! We’ve NEVER had a crowd so blown away by any other hypnotist as with Frederick Winters!” – Ohio Northern University “Frederick Winters kept the standing room only crowd in hysterics for over two hours!” – University of Illinois About Frederick:  -Has performed over 2,000 shows and entertained over 500,000 people!   -It’s […]

Xpogo Stunt Team

Highlights: Featuring the best Xpogo talent – period. International, award-winning 13 Guinness World Records Headlined in 16 Countries 100+ Media Features Globally Starred in Commercials, Music Videos, Movies, TV Bio: The Xpogo Stunt Team is the most talented and experienced extreme pogo performance team in the world. Jumping over 9 feet in the air on […]


“What a fantastic show! We received SO many compliments! We will def love to have you out again!” – Michelle Burger, Lincoln Land Community College About Calabash: -With unique percussion, guitar riffs, and dj-ing, this is a show that is sure to “hit” you in all directions -Hobbies include: Bashing, Mashing, Shredding, and Mixing -Special […]


Theatrical Fire Performances: Pyrotechniq has significant experience designing, producing, and executing visually stunning kinetic fire performances. Our performances include a set of choreographed pieces with elements of fire, UV and L.E.D. We customize the show to your specific needs, including a combination of solos, duets, trios, quartets and if applicable, large-scale finale. We include a […]


“LUMA is an amazing show. It is truly a fun show for all ages!” – Numa C. Saisselin, Count Basie Theatre   Bio: When considering your 2013/14 season go towards the light and bring LUMA to your theatrical venue, campus, performing art center or arts festival. LUMA is a singular work that has been seen in […]

Hypnotist Daniel James

“Outstanding Show! The BEST HYPNOTIST we have ever booked! Can’t wait to bring him back! – University of South Carolina About Daniel James: -Presents a lightning fast, high-energy, interactive experience unlike any other -Can hypnotize anyone from your best friend’s mom to your psychology professor -He isn’t bald but he is Mr. Clean. His show is appropriate for […]