Hypnotist chrisjones

“The show was amazing, indescribably funny. Our students love Chris Jones, and I am sure I have to bring him back for the 4th time in a row.” -Le Tavoloni, Brevard College   About Chris: -chrisjones offers a high-energy show that is interactive for both those being hypnotized and those in the audience, and is […]

Hypnotist Frederick Winters

“A smash performance! We’ve NEVER had a crowd so blown away by any other hypnotist as with Frederick Winters!” – Ohio Northern University “Frederick Winters kept the standing room only crowd in hysterics for over two hours!” – University of Illinois About Frederick:  -Has performed over 2,000 shows and entertained over 500,000 people!   -It’s […]

Hypnotist Daniel James

“Outstanding Show! The BEST HYPNOTIST we have ever booked! Can’t wait to bring him back! – University of South Carolina About Daniel James: -Presents a lightning fast, high-energy, interactive experience unlike any other -Can hypnotize anyone from your best friend’s mom to your psychology professor -He isn’t bald but he is Mr. Clean. His show is appropriate for […]