Chris Fascione

Storyteller/actor Chris Fascione actively brings contemporary and traditional children’s literature to life with his high-spirited and innovative performances.

Using a unique combination of storytelling, mime, clowning, and a touch of juggling, Chris’ shows educate, entertain and lead children into the world of books.

Chris is full of boundless energy and humor as he acts out stories, poems and folktales in his fun-filled, participatory show. Now in his 15th season, Chris Fascione continues to delight audiences nationally from New England to Montana with his wondrously imaginative literary storytelling.

You’ll see colorful characters from literature come to life in a program designed to promote reading, imagination and an interest in books. Many different cultures and literary styles are represented in his stories, all of which are available through the school or community library.
Each show is tailored for the specific age group of the audiences ranging from preschool to adult, in school assembly or parent night programs.

Funding assistance is available through the Illinois Arts Council, which has selected Chris to be in their Artstour roster.