Student Body Language

“The Body Language event was a tremendous success.  Students were wildly enthusiastic in their praise of Christopher Carter’s presentation.  I heard more positive, exemplary comments from our students about this presentation than any other here at the college to date!  Fantastic! Carter is a magician both with words and with non-verbals!” – Rick Plummer, West Shore Community College


After 15 years as one of the most successful performers on the college campus scene, Christopher Carter began to notice that students were becoming increasingly skilled at interacting in the virtual world of the internet, but less skilled at communicating in the real world. He realized that many of the non-verbal communication techniques he used in his show to create the illusion of mind-reading could be used by student to communicate more effectively with their peers and professors. “Student Body Language” was born!

“Student Body Language” is based on the idea that even in the age of the internet; most of the student’s success will depend upon skill in face-to-face human communication. His program is an exciting and fun exploration of the way we communicate beyond words. In it, Christopher teaches students how to be better listeners, how to correctly interpret the non-verbal signs others give off, and more important, how to use their own body language to create the best possible impression every time.

“Student Body Language” is more than just a lecture. Christopher not only demonstrates his ability to “read minds,” he then shows precisely which non-verbal cues he was looking for, and then he teaches the students what to look for and how to be open to these same subtle clues. But that’s just the start: through interactive demonstrations, Christopher shows the students how they can use their knowledge of body language to improve their relationship with their roommates, their social lives, their academic success, even how to nail their first job interview after graduation!

Christopher has presented to rave reviews at over 2,000 colleges and universities and received all of the top awards in the campus industry. He has been named Entertainer of the Year, Best Male Artist, Best Live-Novelty artist, and Best Performing Artist.


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