Chris Carter

“Christopher Carter blew the minds of all the students. He is funny, great to work with and very polite. I would have him back in a heart beat. Phenomenal show!”

– Brandon Carpenter, Illinois Central College

About Chris:                                           

-Chris will blow your mind and do things you never thought possible. You’ll be in awe for months after the show.

-And he knows what you’re thinking, so think nice things about him

-He will also do teasers before and/or after the show!

Besides freaking you out, you can expect him to:

• Have coins placed upon his eyes, which are then duct-taped shut; then describe objects that are held up by audience members, even duplicating signatures and correctly identifying the serial number on currency that is safely hidden in an audience member’s pocket or purse
• Cause light bulbs to light up in audience members’ hands without ever touching them
• Astound audience members with personal facts that they have never before revealed – to anyone
• Make audience members believe that they are experiencing touches and taps from invisible hands

To book Chris, email or call 773-481-2600.