Hollywood Comedy Murder Mystery

“Pat and Adam were great to work with and hilarious! Everyone who came out really enjoyed the event and people even talked to me the next day to say how much fun they had! I would highly recommend this for future years at UAB.”

-Danielle Florey, Michigan State University


-Detectives lead the audience as they become suspects in the ultimate mystery

-Each show is completely different

-Themed shows make it perfect for any event


Hollywood Comedy Murder Mystery is the newest hot show from Mission IMPROVable Productions!


Two professional performers from America’s #1 touring comedy improv troupe use their unique skill set to lead you through a murder mystery experience unlike any other. Are you up to the challenge?


The detectives combine elements of improv comedy, audience participation, and physical evidence to create a unique and engaging experience that will keep students, staff, and parents laughing all night. The unique comedy show is versatile and good for 20 people or 500!!!


Here’s how it unfolds. You have been invited to a swanky party to rub elbows with the Hollywood elite (and not so elite). Every person in the room plays a celebrity character which we assign at the top of the night. Party goers will walk around the room and discover what other famous people were lucky enough to be invited to this soiree. Two of the smartest, most experienced, and best looking cops on the force come in to announce that a crime has been committed. Everyone in the room is a suspect. Detectives use their powers of improv, finding hidden clues in the room, and A LOT of help from the audience to get to the bottom of this shocking crime.


This show has been a major hit and unlike any Murder Mystery you’ve seen before. M.i. has been voted Comedy Act of the Year 4 times and Entertainers of the year as well. If you’re looking for a show that appeals to all, is interactive, and incredibly fun….this is it! Come join us on this unique comedy experience, created by one of the top comedy producers in the country.

Hollywood Comedy Murder Mystery. Book it today!



“I just want to thank you again for such a fantastic show! You guys were great and I hope you enjoyed your experience here at Bucknell. I hope we will have a chance to work together again some day.” – Nikki Lazarus, Bucknell University