Win Grant’s Money!

“It was fantastic.  Our students LOVED it.  Several students stayed around after the show just to tell me that he MUST come back again next year.  They really enjoyed Grant and the show.”

-Katie Mosley Director of Student Involvement and Service LaGrange College

Win Grants MoneyHighlights:

-“Tired of trivia?  How about winning money while dancing, dating, or performing in a band instead?”

-Great Icebreaker!

-Perfect For Orientations

-Win up to $100 and EVERY contestant wins cash!


Whose Line Is It Anyway? Double Dare! American Idol…if these three popular programs had a baby, Grant Edmonds’ high energy Variety Game Show would be it! This Variety Show is full of improvisation, goofy games, and of course, judges! And it’s also a Game Show, because EVERY CONTESTANT WINS CASH!! It doesn’t matter if you’re smart, talented, or gifted in any way…it’s all about how entertaining (how “special”) you are! Because after all, we all have our own unique “specialties” to share…so we might as well win money for it!

Multiple students are picked from the crowd to perform in a series of competitions~ Comedy, Modeling (for males only), Dating, Dancing, and “Air-Banding” (a prop-free version of Rock Band)~ and the more entertaining they are, the more money they win! The big winner can win up to $100! And for every effort made on stage, each contestant is GUARANTEED at least $5 just for trying! Can’t beat that!

So, if you have grown tired and bored of answering trivia questions, watching the same activity over and over, or would simply like something more than “just winning money the old fashioned way”… here’s a Variety Show featuring the student body that will entertain you to no end! We are all indeed special, so let’s embrace it, and win money while doing so!

Grant also hosts an interactive, comedic, semi-lecture…LoveGEARS (Parts 1 and 2)….

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