Daniel Martin – CAM Award

Dan MartinMagician Daniel Martin worked his awe-inspiring powers once again as he received a 5.0 perfect score on his Campus Activities Magazine (CAM) Artist Report Cards for the second year in a row. CAM Report Cards are scored based on reports from campus representatives in categories such as Originality, Artist’s Ability, Relationship to the Audience, Agency Cooperation, and Promotional Materials Provided. Daniel was the only artist to receive a perfect 5.0 in every category from every report.

Report Card comments for Daniel included:

“It’s not even funny how GREAT he was. Dan had the best attitude and was one of the best performers we have had.”

“His performance was out of this world. I can’t wait for him to come see us again. He needs to perform at every college!”

“Daniel Martin was outstanding. His originality in his performance was superb!”

“Amazing and easy to work with. Would absolutely love to have him back.”

“Daniel was absolutely amazing! He captured the students’ attention and never gave it back! Everyone was blown away and talked about it for days afterward.”


To learn more about Daniel and submit a request to have him perform at your school, visit his page.