Denny Diamond/The Diamond Trio Band

The Diamond Trio Band is a tribute to the music of Neil Diamond. The trio’s performance is not based on sparkly shirts or concert versions of songs, but rather Neil’s words and music. The songs that make up the set-list are not just those songs that charted in the top 100, but encompass Neil Diamond’s vast library of work.

Denny, the trio’s lead singer and dad, has pipes that greatly resemble Neil Diamond’s distinct baritone voice. He’s been performing his tribute since ‘2000’ after an appearance on Dick Clark’s, “Your Big Break”. “I’m not interested in whether I resemble Neil Diamond but would rather guests walk away from our performance having enjoyed great music they know and love. The trio likes to expose guests to songs that never made the radio. And for avid fans of Neil’s music, we love being able to fill their requests”.

Denny’s sons Lucas and Spenser, the rest of the trio/quartet, are trained musicians who grew up listening to Neil’s music. But that doesn’t stop them from finding ways to perform music by other legendary artists. Using their well thought out method they named, “The 6 degrees of Neil Diamond”, the boys connect other entertainers to Neil that include artists Johnny Cash and Buddy Holly.

Trio/ quartet? Spenser plays bass and drums simultaneously. Seeing and hearing is believing.

Besides being swept away by great music, you’re drawn in by the guys as they tell stories of the songs, their times on stage and at home with the rest of the family. Guests of the show have said, “you walk away feeling like you just left their home and you can’t wait for the next visit”.