Division BMX Team

About Division BMX Team:

Whether it be corporate entertainment, school assemblies, fairs or festivals, company picnics, or any place you need people entertained, Division BMX Team’s unparalleled talent will wow. They pride themselves on bringing the most visually appealing BMX tricks, alongside a
captivating announcer, leaving audience members in awe.



A Division show event includes:
• All audio equipment and music
• Self-contained power
• All applicable BMX/FMX
apparatus ramps
(wheeled available)
• As many as 3 performances
per day (20-40 minutes each)
• 4 stunt riders
• 1 or more emcees
• Autograph session with riders,
including free posters
• Sponsor presence with
team-supplied staff
throughout giveaways
and product sampling
• All setup and teardown

Pick and choose your show options – it’s your freestyle:

  • Basic Flatland
    • The show options begin with BMX
      flatland, a type of bicycle trick riding
      that uses only the flat ground. No
      ramps are needed for the masters
      to spin, contort, and fly in ways
      unthinkable to the average audience
      member. The flatland show consists
      of at least 1 rider and 1 announcer.


  • 1/4 Pipe/Box Jump BMX (most popular)
    • The most popular show option is
      the mobile skate park. The course
      fits through any standard sized door,
      and sets up in just 20 minutes. It’s
      wooden-floor friendly, and definitely
      the most progressive set of mobile
      ramps available today. The standard
      skate park show consists of 2 riders
      and 1 announcer and lasts about 30
      minutes, but can be tailored to suit
      your event.


  • Golf Cart Box Jump BMX
    • The innovative golf cart ramp has the
      fastest setup and teardown times in
      the industry. Once stationary, it’s set
      up in just 30 seconds and sending
      riders up into the air, thrilling all
      kinds of audiences. This option is
      perfect for any parade, halftime
      show, or motorsport event.


  • Mini Ramp BMX
    • The state-of-the-art-mini half-pipe
      ramp offers the smallest footprint
      without sacrificing any big stunts.
      Readily available for any action sport
      discipline, this option offers the most
      unique forms of entertainment in
      even the most intimate setting.




We do parades!

We have a ramp for parades. This ramp is attached to a golf cart that rolls and we need about 45 seconds in all to stop, do a bunch of jumps, then pick up and go again.

What people are saying:

“Their unique view at sending a positive message along with thrilling BMX stunts is something to truly behold.” – GEORGE PETROPOULOS, HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTOR COMPANY

“Division is the only recognized BMX team in the BMX industry. Every other team makes it look goofy and sugar coated childlike. Their objective is to get kids involved in BMX and find the good that comes from simply riding a bike. We have and will continue our support for the best demonstrations in BMX!” – ROB MORGAN, BRAND MANAGER, ALIENATION BMX

“Thank you very much for your support of the Carol Stream Park District’s 6th Annual Just Play Event Held on May 21 and 22nd. With the support of Division BMX… over 6,000 people attended a successful and interactive celebration of recreational activities in an action-packed weekend.” – KELLY CARBON, COMMUNITY RELATIONS SPECIALIST