DUI Simulator

High Tech Educational Tool.  FUN!  Alcohol & Drug Awareness & Public Safety. This program is intended to reinforce students respect & responsibility to themselves & the community in which they live through an enlightening, hands on, virtual motion driving experience.


If they stay in the trailer: We will need a garage door opening and would need to drive it into the location. The trailer is 22 ft long & 8.5 wide.

If we can take them out of the trailer:

DOOR ACCESS & FREIGHT ELEVATORS: Double door entryway, and same size pathway to performance area. Must have freight elevator.

Each mini car needs at least 10’ x 10’ space to set up monitors and control center.  Locations must be barrier free (no poles, beams, etc.  Each car is 3′ wide x 6′ long


POWER: Require a minimum of (4) dedicated 110 Volt 20 Amp circuits. Power must be within 50 ft.