Flip Books

NEW! Green Screen Flip Books!

– Hundreds of backgrounds

– Match your theme, color, concept

– Props included

– Custom covers available

Using new digital technology plus old-fashioned ingenuity, people can now create their own personalized party favors made at a special event. Each 3-hour event can result in up to 120 complete photo flip-books. We provide hats, boas, scarfs, funny signs and other props to that can be used to accentuate the action. Participants in front of the camera, make small movements over 6 second duration, while the video camera captures 60 individual shots of their movement, script, play (shall we say “acting”?). We print them out, cut and collate, and staple them together in a Generic Flip Books cover.

Upgrading to a custom cover for your particular event is additional, but well worth it. You’ll be surprised how many people will want to look at the finished product. Entire process takes 5 minutes from performance to finished Flip Book if we are only making one copy per group. It takes longer if more are requested per group. We produce books while other performances are shooting, to quicken the process. Includes silly props like hats, boas and even comment signs to hold up in front of the camera to make a statement like “Happy Birthday” or “I Love You”. Green Screen Backgrounds now available, insert your logo with a custom background, or use one of our standard backgrounds. Cost is slightly more for this feature.


“Thank you for sending such great workers to LLCC! The guys were great and interacted with the students encouraging them to participate and were super friendly and courteous. The students loved the flip books and fun was had by all!” – Michelle Burger, Lincoln Land Community College