Game Hero

Game HeroYour guests become the main character or “Hero” in their very own mobile app. When created, personalized game app can be downloaded to their smart phone or tablet, Apple or Android, immediately with a Wi-Fi connection!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 Participant chooses one of the 3 game choices.

Step 2 Future Hero puts on green screen apron and we take their picture in front of green screen

Step 3 A photo with the Game Poster is merged with the “Hero’s” face and is printed. This is handed to the “Hero and contains a QR code.

Step 4 Photo has a QR code, which, when scanned by the phone or tablet, will be downloaded.

Step 5 ”Hero” now has his or her own gaming app with themselves as the star.

iPad stations set up on-site allow guests to play with their own individual games from a gallery that holds all the games processed at the event.

Guests walk away with their printed game card, plus the ability to download their personal Game Hero app for a year, if they don’t do it at your event.

For companies seeking to expand their visibility, Game Hero can put your own background and your own logo in designated areas of the game to brand the app. This would incur an additional charge to the base charge of attraction.