Green Screen Photos

Green Screen Photos


  • General props such as boas, hats, sunglasses and attitude signs are included
  • Unlimited photos within 4 hour period

This innovative attraction combines digital photography using green screen technology which basically enables us to eliminate the green background and substitute it with another background of your choice. 6” x 4” photo is printed and provide in less than a minute with our high quality printer. Photos are provided in a white cardboard frame.
Backgrounds can be picked from 100’s of selections based on the theme of your event. Let us know the theme of your event, and we will find a selection of photos for you to choose from within your specifications. We have found the attraction functions most efficiently when there are 5 or less choices for your guests to choose from. This limited final selection frees the guests from having too many choices, which slows up the process.

Magazine Covers:

We have a great selection of magazine covers and can customize them with appropriate background photos for the season kind of event you are providing. Magazine covers run the gamut from fashion, to sports, and entertainment to travel.


Options include:

  • A custom overlay to be placed over the photo with your logo or name of event.
  • The white cardboard frame can be customized with a label with your logo.
  • Add Photo Party Upload, which allows participants to send their images directly to their email, and get a printout also.
  • We can produce a Paparazzi Wall, with multiple logos just like the Hollywood stars have their photos taken in front of.