Hunt For Hunter

 About Hunt For Hunter:

Hunt for Hunter is a folk-rock duo based in Brooklyn NY, comprised of Michael Hunter on violin/guitar/vocals, and Ian Hunt on cajon/guitar/vocals. Born out of Hunter’s solo album “A Chance to Shine“, Hunt for Hunter is a blend of both musicians’ diverse musical backgrounds. Classical and bluegrass, rock and folk – many different genres find a home in this surprisingly big-sounding little band. A typical performance will find Hunter singing and playing violin while Hunt plays guitar and cajon with his feet simultaneously. It’s an unusual setup, but one that creates a full, organic sound while still allowing room for their songs to be heard.


Their live show combines musical virtuosity with honest songwriting and an easygoing, intimate stage presence that developed naturally after years of playing a weekly residency at a local bar in the East Village. Typically known as a duo, they also occasionally up-size to a full on rock ‘n roll band, with Hunt moving to the drum set and Diwas Gurung and Drew Jones joining them on electric guitar and bass respectively. Their most recent recorded effort (the “No Locks & No Bars” EP) was in fact made with the full band, and they’re currently in pre-production for the much anticipated followup to their duo self-titled EP.