Iceless Skating Rink

Our Iceless Skating Rink is great slippery skating fun enjoyed inside or outside in any weather. Imagine ice skating in a tank top, and without all that heavy outerwear! And, if you fall, you don’t get wet. Rink is made of high-density interlocking pieces that are totally smooth when put together. Our only requirement is a flat level surface, such as a gym or cement parking lot. We will tarp the floor in preparation, then put together our most awesome rink.  Installation takes at least 2-½ hours. It comes with a 4” tall clear metal edged clear barrier and 30 pairs of skates in various sizes in our rolling skate rack. People can also bring their own hockey skates, if desired. Figure Skates are not usable and can cause damage to the surface.   

We set up two 6’ benches to allow participants to sit while putting on and removing skates.

Want to add to the winter experience?

Add the Incredible Snowman for some winter like snow and ambiance! Incredible Snowman listed and contracted separately.