Jason LeVasseur

Jason LeVasseur


Jason is the most awarded music performer in the history of campus entertainment.
Campus Activities Magazine Reader’s Choice Award Winner of:

  • Solo Performer of The Year
  • Male Performer of The Year
  • Music Performer of The Year
  • Small Venue Performer of The Year
  • Has opened for Dave Matthews Band, Maroon 5, John Mayer, The Roots, The Wallflowers, Ben Folds, Ludacris, Sugarland, and LMFAO.
  • Has contributed songs to movie and video game soundtracks


From the auditorium… to the house concert… to the club… to the coffeehouse… to the street corner… he always puts on a great show. Not only can he write a song, play guitar, sing, and win a bunch of awards… he’s also just a nice guy. Please watch the 2012 “Music Video” to see live footage from the spring of 2012 and a slideshow of photos in which he was “tagged” on Facebook!

Apart from the traditional music venues like music clubs, theaters, and festivals, Jason has also been invited by many campuses to host many of their events as an MC (master of ceremonies). And… do not miss out on the possibilities of having Jason as the keynote speaker for orientation and leadership events or as a workshop facilitator at leadership retreats and conferences. 

Watch the videos for more info.

With so many possibilities it is sometimes easy to forget that it is his songwriting and live shows that have opened the doors to the touring and performing accolades. He has opened for Train, Dave Matthews Band, Ludacris, Maroon 5, John Mayer, The Roots, The Wallflowers, Ben Folds, and Sugarland.

Most recently, Jason created “The Rock Star Project” – with the goal of creating a global community of students and professionals who join together to promote self-esteem and self-worth. Please watch the video.

“Fun” and “easy to work with” is the way Jason is often described by the schools and hosts for whom he plays. He is an outstanding performer who always enjoys the audience, regardless of the size! He is never shy about working with the students to make the show a success – from offering help ahead of time with promotion, to helping set up the room the day of the show, and hanging out after to make sure everyone was happy with the event. If you are a putting on an event… you will be happy to work with Jason.

Jason LeVasseur – guitar, vocals, harmonica

Leadership? Check out Jason’s Keynote and Workshop page HERE


“We are glad to say that Jason’s show was AMAZING. We had a great turn out and we really enjoyed his company! We served cookies and hot chocolate for the winter season and he sang a few Christmas songs which everyone loved. Thank you again for all your help! We really enjoy working with you!” – Paige Pierson, Augustana College

“Jason is such a great MC because he really wants everyone to shine. He wants everyone to feel like a Rock Star” – Sara Rine, Director of Student Activities & Leadership, University of Massachusetts Lowell

“It was just LeVasseur onstage with a guitar, harmonica and a voice that blew the crowd out of the water. He was very relaxed as he played his original music, talked with the crowd and cracked jokes.”Jordan Way, Concert Reviewer, Stoutonia, the UW – Stout Student Newspaper

“He is absolutely amazing, and his songs are great.” – Jessica Lawrence, Campus Programming Board President, Ohio Wesleyan University

“I was extremely impressed by your engaging personality and ability to win the crowd over through your thoughtful lyrics and magnetic stage presence. You made the first night of our new program a success. You captured the audience’s attention and transformed them into a devoted crowd that watched you, sang along, and pleaded for more. I have seen many acts in my 5 years working in student activities and have never witnessed such a conversion of fans.” – Brooke Vaughan, Student Activities Director, Sewanee: The University of The South

“It is hard for entertainers to stay true to themselves and not fall away from who they really are while in the spotlight of stardom. But Jason LeVasseur is one real, down to earth guy who is committed to what he does and knows where he comes from.” – From Campus Activities Magazine’s Award Winner Spotlight

“Versatility, a profound ability to connect to fans, and a “sound anybody could like” are elements On The Fly Music Co-Chair and Bad Axe senior Nikki Wencel attributes to LeVasseur’s continuing CMU invitations. He’s so personable and it seems like he’s someone you’ve known for a long time,” said Wencel. “He’s like a friend that’s just hanging out but at the same time has a great sense of professionalism.” -Central Michigan University Newspaper , CM Life Story, Ian Glennie,  Staff Writer

Hi Jason, I just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know how much I appreciate your talent! I graduated fromValparaisoUniversityand was the Union Board president. Your music touches lives and leaves a lasting impression. Thank you!” – Karla Horn (sent to Jason through Facebook)

“This is a record with breathtaking vocal parts, gripping lyrical messages, and sharply written instrumental arrangements. The material is pure songwriting magic; poetic lyrics express emotions, love-hate relationships, death, and dance.” - Shawn M. Haney, Performer Magazine

“Audience members actually come up to this guy after gigs to share stories and ask for advice, according to another review in his press kit. I can understand why. Jason LeVasseur has a bit of quiet, learned-the-hard-way wisdom in that drawling, weathered, warm voice of his. He writes about easily recognizable situations in language anyone can connect with.” - Jennifer Layton, Indie-Music.com

“During his two-hour set, LeVasseur played catchy songs, their rich melodies accompanied by his, full slightly gravelly voice. In between numbers, he smiled as he related the funny stories behind the songs; which are deeply colored by late-night contemplation about love, hope and finding meaning in life’s ups and downs.” – Whitman College Pioneer

“He is absolutely amazing, and his songs are great.” – Jessica Lawrence, Ohio Wesleyan University