Jeff Bibik


Master Magician Jeff Bibik has been entertaining audiences across the country for over 35 years with his quick comedy and original magic. Jeff’s close up walk around magic is perfect for less formal events, while his amazing and hilarious stand up shows are just right for banquets, parties, festivals and more. The Amazing Bibik has been seen on TV and cruise ships, at trade shows and sales meetings, as well as swanky resorts, casinos and parties for the rich & famous.     Of course, that describes any party Bibik attends!

See for yourself why Bibik is “The part of the party you never forget”


The best family entertainment starts with a seasoned performer, and Jeff Bibik fits the bill. He’s done literally thousands and thousands of shows for schools, colleges, park districts, and amusement parks.  Bibik’s show is colorful and fast, with lots of audience helpers adding to the laughter. It’s funny and surprising, silly and corny, and won’t be forgotten, no matter how much therapy you seek!   Perfect for ages 3 – 103 (Please, no one over 103!)


Jeff Bibik has been a student of magic and the mind for many years. This study led him to Hypnosis, the science and art of our words and our mind. The human mind is the most complex and amazing place on earth and Jeff explores this in his amazing Hypnosis shows, demon-strations and seminars.

Bibik is a Certified Master Hypnotist, and travels the world teaching and revealing to all the power that lies within our own minds. Sounds deep, but it’s fun and very funny too. When we quiet the conscious mind and bring forth our subconscious mind, incredible things can happen, both on stage and in your life. Hypnosis shows entertain, inform and motivate, in a way that is completely safe and without side effects. The power of your mind is only a few breaths away! Breathe into it now with Jeff Bibik’s Hypnosis programs.