JG’s Reptile Road Show

5ca09782e89432604c9bcbc1f08e49bbShows are 60-75 minutes long and is a very hands-on exciting experience for the kids (and adults). Included are some very impressive animals which include a 5 ft monitor lizard, a 13 ft Burmese Python, a 80 lb tortoise, an African Bull Frog, and much more! The kids get to pet, hold, and handle the animals. They even get to sit on the giant tortoise and go for a ride! There was never been a disappointed group of kids or adults, the show is a blast!

All programs are informative, entertaining and appropriate for children of all ages. Whether you are having a party or are a public or private school, a library, day-care center, park district, or a Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop, JG’s Reptile Road Show makes learning about reptiles both educational and fun! We bring many different species of animals for the children to view and touch.

Our emphasis is on teaching about the environment and how reptiles provide their part for the balance of nature.  Our hands-on approach with the animals educates as well as entertains all audiences!