Poet, Kyla Lacey


About Kyla:

Kyla Jenee Lacey is a poet from Chilando… which is Chicago, Orlando and Atlanta. She has performed at over 200 colleges in 40 states. She has been a finalist in the largest regional poetry slam in the country 4 times. Kyla, a budding cat lady, also blogs for various sites including Huffington Post, as well as hosts and emcees multiple events. Her poetry has garnered millions of views on Facebook and YouTube. She has also been featured by popular social media accounts including AFROPUNK and George Takei. She’s won and been nominated for numerous awards including, but not limited to, APCA’s Poet of the Year and Campus Activities Magazine’s Best Female Artist. She was featured on Golden Mic TV, a show featuring the hottest spoken word artists from all over the country, and is currently working on her first book.

She has facilitated workshops in high schools as well as colleges and would be a perfect addition to festivities for Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Domestic Violence Awareness, Women’s Issues programming, orientation, and writing workshops. Kyla has an innate ability to balance heavy issues with her biting humor. She is her parents’ favorite daughter, as well as their only daughter and would be a great addition to your school’s programming calendar.


Instagram: @kylajlacey

Twitter: @KylaJLacey