Illustrated Story Telling for Kids


Chris Fair is just a local Chicago Comedian that likes to tell stories and draw… with LASERS.  A regular performer at Concerts for Kids and Stage 773’s Inoffensive Theater Series, The Laser Comedy Show is a one of a kind performance art only performed by life long artist, Chris Fair.  Chris illustrates characters and whole worlds on a laser reactive screen that is more like a high-tech etch-a-sketch. He then brings his creations to life with funny voices and sound effects!
Chris Fair has developed a unique format of humorous improv storytelling. Chris takes suggestions from the audience to improvise his laser comedy so no two shows will ever be the same, and kids will laugh out loud as they watch him draw their ideas to life on his giant laser screen
Each show is customized for the audience as Chris asks for suggestions for key parts of the story he will soon create. I.E. the protagonist/antagonist, time period or setting even personality quarks of characters can all be suggestions from the audience as
Chris works his way through the story.
   After the story, there’s even more fun to be had as Chris invites a voluteer from the audience to perform a short 5 minute set with him. There’s no artistic talent necessary because as an experienced improviser, Chris supports and guides his volunteer scene partner to make them look good and the audience laugh.
The Laser Comedy Show has been featured on the Chicago Tribune’s website twice for top 15 things to do with your children, the front page of the Mokena Messenger and most recently joked about on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert featuring Nick Offerman for when Chris performed in Nick’s Hometown of Minooka, IL.

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