Laser Tech Laser Light Show

What Can I Use Lasers For?

Aerial Laser Effects Add Drama and Excitement to …

  • Laser Graphics Modules
  • Video Modules
  • Candids Modules
  • Moving Lights
  • Live Musical Acts
  • Dance Parties
  • Pyrotechnics/Fireworks
  • Trade Show Exhibits

Spice Up Introductions & Reveals by Laser Silhouetting Your …

  • Company CEO
  • Guest Speaker
  • New Product
  • Celebrity Guest


Project Intriguing Patterns on ..

  • Screens / Scrims / Flats
  • Stage Sets / Cycs / Signage


Entertain AND Inform in Brilliant Laser Light!

Use a Laser Module to …

  • Kick Off or Cap Off Your ..Event
  • Reveal Your Theme
  • Drive Home Your Mission
  • Highlight Features & Benefits
  • Convey Key Points
  • Announce a Mergers
  • Celebrate a Special Occasion


Program Laser Graphics to …

  • Sign your CEO’s Name on ..Screen in his/her own ..handwriting
  • Write Award Winners Names .. on Screen
  • Animate Your Logo for ..Walk-In
  • Announce Fundraising $

Giant, dramatic array of laser beams that fan out over your audience
Mirror-bounced laser beams surround your audience with fast-moving laser excitement

3D Laser Tunnel projected toward audience