Live Band Karaoke

“All of us here at the Student Activities Committee share the sentiment that our best event of the semester was by far Live Band Karaoke. We had our largest turn out of the semester and perhaps of our committee’s recent history.”

– Brea Ettel, Southwest Minnesota State University

About Live Band Karaoke:

 -There’s no room in your dorm for a karaoke machine, and no fun in actually using one.

-“A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” and your heart wishes to be Mick Jagger.

-Fulfill your rock and roll fantasies and be the lead singer in a real LIVE rock band. Say goodbye to your boring karaoke machine. The guys in the band are YOUR back up band. They even sing backup vocals with you to make YOU the star.


Here’s just a few of the artists you can pretend to be:

Taylor Swift                                        Carrie Underwood

AC/DC                                                       Nirvana

Adele                                                      Lady GaGa

Florida Georgia Line                            Fleetwood Mac

Rihanna                                                 Jason Aldean

Michael Jackson                                    Jimi Hendrix

Maroon 5                                                  Journey

Backstreet Boys                                 Whitney Houston

The Beatles                                        The Rolling Stones

Bon Jovi                                              Zac Brown Band

U2                                                          Johnny Cash


What people are saying:

“Live Band Karaoke was a huge hit Saturday at the Christmas Party!” -Dan LoCascio, Park District of Franklin Park

To book Live Band Karaoke, email or call 773-481-2600.