Love G.E.A.R.S.

Love G.E.A.R.S. is the interactive, educational, comedic semi-lecture…with group therapy to boot!

“It’s a great orientation package—the relationship show during the day and the game show at night is a great one-two punch!” – Alysa Tulibaski, University of Minnesota – Crookston



  • Wondering how to make more friends and improve your existing friendships?
  • Want to know if you’re truly compatible with your partner?
  • Tired of arguing with your boyfriend?
  • WIN MONEY if you participate!
  • Learn the five main gears of improving relationships with a certified relationship life coach!


Grant Edmonds’ Activity Relationship Show (Love G.E.A.R.S.) is a humorous, interactive dating and relationship program. It is designed to help students create, maintain, and improve relationships of all types–from friendships and familial relationships, to the most intimate of relationships, including the one with yourself.

While educational in nature, the program also includes many “inter-activities”: a dating game, a couples game (reminiscent of The Newlywed Game), and some hands-on experience with healthy communication techniques. This is all done with a touch of humor sprinkled throughout! Learn the three major signs of communication breakdown and the ways to avoid them, find out exactly what qualities (in yourself and others) that you can live with, which ones you can’t, and come to understand that men are “dumb” and women are “crazy”… but learn to love them anyway! So gear up to learn how to improve your situation–whether you’re happily engaged, unhappily attached, or even if you’re single and couldn’t care less about marriage. There is something for everyone to learn! Enjoy laughing as you learn and emerge “geared up” to take on your past, current, and future relationships!

About Grant:

Grant Edmonds is a certified relationship life coach and author of LoveG.E.A.R.S.: A Relationship Tool Book. In his decades of existence, nothing has been more important to him than the nature of relationships. Some of the concepts that Grant teaches involve learning what type of soulmate fits you best, techniques to overcoming relationship crises, techniques for more effective communication, and most importantly, learning about who you really are and what you need from a partner and from yourself. Whether it’s dealing with friendships or relationships in general, the nature of human beings has always been his highest priority of study. In Love G.E.A.R.S., Grant shares his wisdom, experiences, and of course, humor, regarding anything relationship-worthy.

Grant also hosts his variety game show, Win Grant’s Money!


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