“LUMA is an amazing show. It is truly a fun show for all ages!” – Numa C. Saisselin, Count Basie Theatre



When considering your 2013/14 season go towards the light and bring LUMA to your theatrical venue, campus, performing art center or arts festival. LUMA is a singular work that has been seen in 13 countries on 4 continents and over 175 performing art centers from New Hampshire to California from Italy to India from Beijing to Columbia. Using state of the art illuminated objects and performers shrouded in black costumes the spell of LUMA is woven into a full length performance that leaves audiences slacked jaw and goggle eyed. LUMA is a new genre of performance art that is enjoyed by all age groups, nationalities and demographics. Everybody has a memory of playing with light as a child or enjoying the beauty of holiday lights and the show connects into that endless appeal. LUMA can boast sellouts from Newark to Shanghai, from Albuquerque to Rome. Recently the show was attended by 18,000 people in two nights of shows presented by the city of Houston.

LUMA sells tickets! The show has a proven track record and presenters will attest to both the ‘out of the box’ artistry and the enjoyment of their patrons. The show can be presented indoors or for special occasions outdoors at night. Thinking about how to please everybody at a family weekend or orientation, about a homecoming event or an evening of avant guard performance art? LUMA fills the bill. The work is modular so it can be presented in 3 minute segments or a full 80 minute show and everything in between. LUMA can be crafted and customized to deliver a theme, message or a logo to the viewing audiences. Our team has delivered specialized content to scores of major corporate producers and that makes us well qualified to configure the work for your discerning audience. LUMA is loaded with science which makes it educational as well as entertaining and community outreach programs can be delivered that demonstrate the physics of light to grade and high school students as well as lecture/demonstrations on the workings of the show. Your local power company is a perfect match to sponsor LUMA as we are all thinking about changing out our incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescents thereby saving energy and the environment. Our performers have years of experience in the industry as professional dancers and jugglers so master classes and residency programs can be delivered as needed.

“Beguiling, bedazzling…truly magical. Turns an audience of adults into a bedlam of kids.” SF Chronicle (four out of five stars)


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To book LUMA, email or call 773-481-2600.