Matt Glowacki

glowacki_satt_95_largeAbout Matt:

-Has delivered his messages of diversity to over a million people and two sitting Presidents of the United States

-Most-booked diversity speaker on college campuses for the past 10 years

-His presentations teach students how to find happiness, develop a better understanding of social justice and diversity, and how to see potential in themselves and overcome personal disabilities and challenges

-Campus Activities Magazine’s 2014 Best Speaker, and Best Diversity Artist for 2010 and 2013


Matt’s programs you can choose from: 

Diversity According to Family Guy and South Park

  • #1 Most-booked diversity program at colleges and universities.
  • Teaches students that diversity is not just recognizing individual differences but learning from them.
  • Motivates students to engage in continual dialogue and the exchange of diverse ideas, methods, and perspectives.
  • Emphasizes the importance of taking an active role in their personal growth by thinking critically about what they read, hear, and watch on TV.

Doing Happiness

  • Reveals the scientifically proven “secrets” of true and lasting happiness!
  • Students will gain a range of practical tools and techniques that will inspire and motivate them to become happier and promote happiness in their campus community.
  • Builds a better understanding of what motivates students and provides meaning in their life.

Walking is Over-Rated!!!

    • Fosters a more developed, logical, and inclusive view of our society.
    • Build critical and reflective thinking alongside an awareness of one’s own identity.
    • Introduces the concept of Disability Privilege.

Diversability Challenge

    • Facilitates an adaptive wheelchair sports tournament on your campus
    • Teaches students the concepts of Diversity through hands on experience they will never forget.
    • Brings people together in a fun way where they can build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.
    • Allows people to examine their own concept of disability and how to over come challenges in their own life.

 To book Matt, email or call 773-481-2600.