Michael Fosberg – Incognito, Inc

“At the risk of sounding false, I will say that “Incognito” changed me.” – Student, Northwestern University



  • One-man interactive comedy/drama
  • Keynote addresses
  • Diversity and Inclusion workshops


Incognito, Inc. is an arts-based diversity training company led by author/actor/activist Michael Fosberg. In his one-man comedy/drama, Michael portrays over a dozen different characters in the course of an hour as he tells the true story about the search for his biological father and the discovery that he is biracial. The performance is followed by Q & A in which Michael elicits a thought-provoking and meaningful dialogue about identity, race, diversity and inclusion. Through the use of this engaging one-man play, dynamically engaging keynote addresses and unique hands-on workshop/training sessions, Incognito has proven to be a one of a kind program used by educational institutions and corporations.  Incognito is a dynamic & dramatic teaching/training tool that creates safe, non-threatening and meaningful dialogue on issues of unconscious bias, micro-inequities, cultural competency, diversity, identity and race.  Michael’s unique use of the arts and storytelling engages people on a level unlike any other programs in the Diversity & Inclusion field.

Michael is a writer, actor, director, and teacher based out of Chicago. With over thirty years of experience in teaching, training, and performing, Michael is able to utilize a vast array of interactive, engaging arts-based techniques which foster deep introspection and candid conversations.

Workshop Topics

  • Categories and Stereotypes; where do we fit?
  • Diversity / Social-Equality
  • Hidden Biases and Micro-Inequities:
  • Cultural Competency: American Culture, Institutional Culture, Ethnic Culture
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To book Michael, email info@bass-schuler.com or call 773-481-2600.