Mojo & The Bayou Gypsies

Mojo Excitement fills the air! The crowd’s Mojo Energy stands your hair on end. Everyone is here for the best time of their lives!

The stage lights burst to life! The spotlights hit Mister Mojo, glittering in his Mardi Gras finest! The band delivers a thrilling crescendo of Cajun accordion, fiddle, rubboards and more! Suddenly, the announcer’s voice exclaims, “From the Looziana Bayous, where the alligators got soul and the good times roll, it’s Mojo & The Bayou Gypsies!” The drums electrify your heartbeat, the crowd gets ready, and Mister Mojo yells, “Everybody say YEAH!” The crowd roars, jumps to their feet, and one of America’s happiest nights of entertainment begins!


“Whoee… Mojo gets the toes a tappin’, the fingers a snappin’ and the rumps a-movin’.”

“When Mojo moves in the place ROCKS!”
Chicago Tribune


“Chicagoland’s “Best show of 2002″!”
The Star

“We love their music. Check ’em out, Everybody!”

“I love Mojo’s music! ”
Wolfman Jack, Rock & Roll Legend

“…a gift from God!”
Buckwheat Zydeco

“Make no mistake about it! Put on his CD or walk into one of his live performances, and Mojo’s gonna git you!
Myra Eder, First Look Magazine