Mr. Myers

Mr. Myers blends the tropical sounds of calypso and ska, the rhythms of reggae and a little rock-n-roll with some favorite classic tunes to create their own special style of music – Caribbean Rock. Mr. Myers’ unique combination of musical styles may be difficult to define and perhaps challenging to play, but it never fails to entertain audiences everywhere, young and old.

Mr. Myers began producing its unique blend of music in 1981 and has since become a favorite dance band in the clubs, at summer festivals, and on college campuses throughout the Midwest.

The band’s upbeat sound creates a carefree mood; its musical message is not one based heavily on politics or religion. Their cleverly arranged cover tunes and energetic original songs get audiences on their feet in no time. It’s no wonder that Mr. Myers continues to set new attendance records everywhere they play.

When you are looking for a truly entertaining and extremely danceable band for your special occasion, remember the distinctive Caribbean sounds of Mr. Myers.