Nascar Simulator

Provided by Sports Center Marketing

For this Simulator, we start by buying a retired Winston Cup NASCAR race car, either a Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, or Pontiac.We then custom fit a driver’s door in the left side of the car, while maintaining the realistic race car interior. Next, a custom built 6-point hydraulic system is installed in the car. The hydraulic system is industrial grade and has proven trouble free in many simulators over thousands of hours of use. The electronics and computer control system use off the shelf components and again, have proven to be user-friendly and very reliable. A ViewSonic LCD driver viewing monitor is mounted in the simulator, which provides excellent clarity of graphics for the driver.

On standard packages, one or two 27″ Sony TV’s with picture-in-picture can be setup outside the simulator so spectators can share the driving experience and also see the driver’s facial expression.The NASCAR 3 driving game is used for the best overall virtual motion driving experience and to move the most amounts of participants through. A 4-5 minute drive on 1 of 27 tracks with 29 different races is available.