Phillip-Michael Scales

“The singer-songwriter has a knack for getting in touch with his audience through sincere lyrics that capture just how you’re feeling, be it your best (or worst) day.”

–Jeff Milo, The Detroit Free Press

About Phillip-Michael Scales:

-He knows just how to captivate his audiences with his genuine lyrics and soulful voice

-And he just happens to be the nephew of BB King

Wow, look what he’s done:


-Played Musik Fest, NXNE, Taste of Chicago, Taste of Ann Arbor

-2013 International Songwriting Award

-Opened for Kate Voegele, Jon Mclaughlin, Tyler Hilton, Crystal Bowersox, and Cory Brannan

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To book Phillip-Michael Scales, email or call 773-481-2600.