Raisin Rhyme

Raisin Rhyme was developed with kids from grades Pre-K through 2nd grade in mind.

Raisin Rhyme is a Rock Band for Rugrats! They provide a high energy live music show for kids and families and bring out inflatable instruments, props, bubbles and the only rock concert with no height requirement to make everyone a part of the act.

The Raisin Rhyme show & concept was developed by two stay-at-home Dads and professional musicians who wanted to raise the bar on children’s music by infusing a variety of music styles with themes and stories that kids would love. The show was developed with the help of their children and families.

The show is highly interactive and features elements of music, fun, storytelling and imagination and involves the whole family. At a Raisin Rhyme show, the kids are just as important as the band. After the show, Rhymin’ Rob & Patrick Paradiddle hang out with their new fans to give crayon autographs on their free coloring pages.

Raisin Rhyme is out performing live stage shows around the Midwest and has done numerous events sponsored or co-sponsored by: the Disney Store, Harris Bank, Navy Pier, Marvel Comics, Together We Cope, Hilton Hotels, the Simon Mall Group, National Crime Prevention Association, Haunted Trails, the Enchanted Castle, the Feldman Mall Group, the Great American Cookie Company, Noodles & Company, Kidz Expo, Family Time Magazine & Children’s Memorial Hospital as well as many community, school & library events. Raisin Rhyme was also featured on a recent highlight segment on FOX.