Real Escape Room University

About Real Escape Room University:

Real Escape Rooms are WILDLY fun, completely immersive and difficult! They are made to stump you and require teamwork to find all the clues, and solve puzzles that lead to more challenges and more conundrums.
Escape Rooms are the ultimate team-building activity! After all you are building a team to save lives…or even the world. In teams of 10 per session, students are put through scenarios that challenge their creative problem-solving, communication and teamwork skills.
Now our “Patient Zero” and “Boom!” rooms are mobile and available to the college market exclusively through Neon Entertainment.  We turn rooms on your campus into a bomb squad office or a genetic engineering laboratory.


  • Access to Wi-Fi
  • 3 outlets per room
  • Approximately 225 square feet (15×15 foot room is perfect)

Room Choices:

Patient Zero – Episode I

Welcome to Nano-Gen Enterprises. We have invented wifi-programmable airborne nanobots that make viruses to CURE anything and a SUPER-computer named Josie to program them.

Bad news is: Josie has gone insane.

She created a nano-virus that heals the body quickly – but destroys every part of the brain that makes us human. Infected people are vicious, hard to kill and… well… eat people. The media calls them “Zombies”.

Before he died, Dr. Figaro Skaramousch left clues on how to neutralize the virus before anyone else turns. But he had to hide or disguise everything so Josie’s robots could not find them. You will have to solve the clues he left you and re-program the nano-virus before it reaches epidemic proportions.

And, the worst news is: The moment you enter the room you will be infected. You have only one hour before the disease has done to much damage to your body to reverse and you become one of them.

Good luck.

Patient Zero – Episode II

The virus has mutated.

We thought we had it under control.  We got the cure out there and we had stopped it in its tracks in about 80% of the infected areas — but then something happened.  Dr. Scaramouch, patient zero, was never captured.  He kept getting stronger and kept on infecting more and more people.  A new strain has mutated and we can’t slow or stop the outbreak unless we can find his blood sample and reverse engineer it.  You will need to enter the original facility where the accident occurred so expect it to be a wreck.  After all, its where the apocalypse began.

Hopefully, with your help, it will be where the apocalypse ends as well.

Snow Globe

Jack Frost is fed up! Feeling like his talents have been under-appreciated and ignored by his mother, mother nature, and father, father time, he has decided to take matters into his own hands. He has stolen the sacred objects of his mother and father, a clock that can control time, and a pendant that can control weather, and is planning to turn the world into his own personal snow globe to prove just how clever and talented he really is. Players, this is where you come in. In 45 minutes the time will be up and all the world will be a winter wonderland. Before this happens you must work together and find the sacred objects and stop the timer. Hurry my friends, unless you want to be stuck wearing parkas and reliving the same day on repeat, you must move fast!


An ACTION-packed adventure awaits you as you are trapped in a room with a bomb.

There has been a murder. A cop on a stake-out has been killed and the killer has left a bomb in order to cover up the evidence. Your team needs to use that evidence to discover who did it, why and then neutralize the threat of this high explosive.

It’s ticking down and you are going to have to discover the right 4-digit code to enter into it’s keypad within 45 minutes if you want to survive. If you type in the wrong number or shake it just a little too much it starts counting down TEN TIMES AS FAST!

Luckily there are clues upon clues and puzzles within puzzles that, if you can stay calm and focus, will allow you to unravel the mystery of how to defuse the bomb and escape the room with your lives intact!

Good luck! We are all depending on you!!!

Secrets of the Museum Challenge: Large Room Escape Room

Huge fun and high volume. Escape rooms involve teams of players working together to solve a series of puzzles. The new escape rooms can accommodate up to 100 players an hour (6 room setup) with 5-player teams taking on a fifteen-minute mission. Teams solve complex puzzles and challenges to succeed. Featuring augmented reality in select rooms. Multiple themes, set-ups and times to choose from. Now introducing the Secrets of the Museum Challenge: You and your team enter a fake museum of natural history created by eccentric and recently deceased millionaire Oliver Bancroft. Oliver’s grandchildren want his money which is hidden and booby-trapped inside the museum. Can your team solve the riddles and recover the treasures in time? Secrets of the Museum offers multiple unique rooms tied to the same theme for a perfect themed event at your school. Pricing for 2-room/30-player per hour setup. Other room combinations available.

Things You Need To Know:

1. Purchaser to provide multipurpose room(s), classroom(s), or similar type of room(s) for each Escape Room booked. As an example if you book two Patient Zero and one Boom! theme you need three separate rooms

2. Rooms need to be in close proximity to each other to allow our staff to monitor the challenges

3. Size of each escape room should be at least 225 square feet (15’x15)

4. Each room needs to have two electrical outlets, 2-4 6′ tables/desks, & 2 chairs

5. Access to Wi-Fi

6. Boom! – Please also provide 4 Large Ziplocks and 1 lb. of clay (from any arts and crafts store)

7. Meal for the host (1 host can cover two rooms.  If you book 4 rooms it is two meals)

Please note: in the event of multiple room themes, each theme will be staggered. (i.e. – Boom! @ 1:00pm, Patient Zero @ 1:15pm)