Rick Kelley

“Don’t Just Sit There”

A one-man, interactive musical for students or for the entire family!!! Lyrics and Music by Rick Kelley
Mission Statement:
Participation in the music of “Don’t Just Sit There” is used as a metaphor for getting involved, volunteerism and participation in one’s community and in extracurricular activities at school.
Educational Benefits:
1. Help students to overcome inhibitions and encourage pro activity, volunteerism, and getting involved wholeheartedly in one’s life interests.
2. Make music accessible to all students and show that music doesn’t have to be serious and obscure, but can be fun, interactive and uplifting.
3. Use humor to musically discuss serious social issues like community involvement, apathy, and sobriety from drugs.

“Don’t Just Sit There” song list:

  • Don’t Just Sit There
  • Kelley with 2 E’s
  • There’s No Wrong Way to Sing
  • Everything is as it Should Be
  • Feels So Good I’ve Got to Limbo/What’s Wrong With Feeling Right About the World
  • Good to be Human
  • Selfless Love
  • Quit Whining
  • Internal Organs
  • Let’s Stroll
  • Color Blind World
  • Hoola Hoopin
  • We’re All in This Together