Rope Warrior

Sixth grader Matt was so amazed with the Rope Warrior he exclaimed, “He looked like a UFO or something!” While the Rope Warrior may not be from another planet, the rope-jumping feats he performs are certainly out of this world.

This is not your little sister’s game of “Skip-to-my-Lou.” As a member of The United States Amateur Jump Rope Federation, the Rope Warrior doesn’t limit himself to school playground-variety jump roping; his amazing repertoire includes such razzle-dazzle techniques as: glow-in-the-dark ropes; power jumping, where the rope passes under his feet up to four times per jump; jumping rope while sitting and lying on the floor (“rump jumps” or “tush-ups”); rope-jumping versions of practically any dance step; dribbling a ball with his feet while jumping rope; and jumping rope while encased in a human-sized balloon (kids: don’t try this at home) — all to a background of pulsating, contemporary music. His rope speed has been timed at over 100 mph.

The Rope Warrior (a.k.a David Fisher) is a professional athlete, entertainer and author. He’s a lean, mean, jumping machine who executes stunts with a jump rope that most of us can’t even imagine and is the current Guiness World Record holder for the most “Rump Jumps”) in one minute: 56. The physical fitness “super-hero” is the subject of a recent feature story on Ripley’s Believe It or Not!. He performs for over 5,000 kids nationwide at more than 15 schools each week during the school year, promoting wellness and creative physical fitness, or as Fisher puts it, “Thinking outside the loop.” He also performs at an assortment of public events and private parties.
Fisher is president of The Rope Warrior, Inc.™, and the originator of Ropenastics™, an exciting program that incorporates rope jumping, rhythmic gymnastics, dance, martial arts and aerobics into a fun, creative and beneficial cardiovascular activity. Fisher has marketed two videos on the program for all ages and says Ropenastics™ workshops stress the themes of teamwork, overcoming the fear of failure and putting creativity and fun into fitness. It’s a very inclusive activity; even non-jumpers feel good about what they have accomplished. Rope-jumping is fast becoming the hottest aerobic exercise around.”
He started out by performing in-school demonstrations in 1993, and has since been chosen to perform Ropenastics™ at the 1997 Presidential Inaugural Parade festivities in front of spectators, international television audiences, President Clinton, Vice-President Gore and their families, and at President Bush’s 2001 Inaugural Parade. Fisher also performed at the opening ceremonies of the Summer 1994 Goodwill Games in St. Petersburg, Russia for an audience of over 80,000 that included Russian President Boris Yeltsin. In July of 1997, Fisher was invited to Malaysia to perform his rope jumping feats for audiences on behalf of the Malta Energy Challenge.
Fisher has also completed two in his series of sci-fi children’s books, Adventures of the Rope Warrior: A Legend is Launched and Adventures of the Rope Warrior: Survival of the Fit, geared to ages 8-13. They feature a superhero who uses his laser-like rope to combat the bad guys. Fisher’s burgeoning business also markets companion pieces to his Ropenastics™ program, including official Rope Warrior speed ropes™, Skipp Comp™ digital jump ropes, instruction booklets, posters, trading cards and apparel.