Sean Bott

“A crazy blend of Jack Black and Criss Angel. AMAZING!”–LA Times

“This guys not just a mind reader, he’s a freaking JEDI!” –Student, Wyoming

About Sean:

His show includes mind reading, telepathy, and predicting the future, and he will even come to your school early for teasers

He will freak you out and make you laugh at the same time

Don’t even bother trying to figure him out

*Ask about adding Sean’s hypnosis show!*


What you can expect to see during a show:

-Handfuls of pocket change will melt

-Time will travel on watches and smartphones

-Participants will feel themselves pushed as Sean stand clear across the stage from them

-Minds will be read

-Objects will move with no physical contact

Sean has appeared on:

– The Sci-Fi Channel, the WB, and on-air with Radio Disney

Corporate Events:

Roving and teasers:


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To book Sean, email or call 773-481-2600.