Sex & the Law


Make sure your students, or troops, understand how the law applies to the more sordid parts of their lives. After the lecture attendees will:

Meets all Title IX Programming Requirements

  • Fully understand the concept of consent in sexual situations and have practices to put in place in their personal lives
  • Be given strategies to prevent first time offenders and first time victimization
  • Be aware of recent on-campus cases of sexual violence, included the St. Paul’s Prep School assault and the Brandon Vandenberg case
  • Understand the effects of sexual assaults
  • Be aware the full implications of Title IX from sports to the classroom to sexual relations
  • Be trained in Bystander Intervention and be given strategies to implement when they see a potentially dangerous situation arise
  • Be made aware of local and school rules and laws that overlap with the concepts presented when applicable
  • Have analyzed current social norms (such as “wing men”) and understand how thinking about sexual relationships needs to change
  • Know the main contacts local, state and federal programs that can help with sexual assault victims
  • Have an understanding of when a personal interaction has crossed the line into unwanted sexual attention
  • Understand the basics of consensual sexual issues—adultery, fornication, crimes against nature and statutory rape (one of the most mis-quoted laws on any college campus)
  • Know their rights in the areas of contraceptive issues, pregnancy and abortion
  • Be able to explain criminal transmission of an STD and voyeurism laws
  • Have an understanding of how public nudity and public urination (and defecation, but hey, if you’re defecating in public you’ve got bigger problems than any lecture can solve) intersect.
  • Know the basics of current sexting laws, including recent cases and laws
  • Be able to identify how statutory rape, child pornography and sexual misconduct charges may apply to simple peer to peer texts
  • Have a working set of guidelines to determine what is and isn’t appropriate to text
  • Have specific actions to take if they are being stalked (real-world or online)
  • Know how to avoid falling victim to date rape drugs
  • Be able to preserve the evidence correctly if they are, god forbid, the victims of an assault
  • Know the basics of the Campus Sex Crime Victim’s Bill of Rights
  • Have specific actions to take to protect their safety online (including having the literal bejesus scared out of them by stories of people who weren’t careful)

CL LindsayBio:

In 1998, attorney C.L. Lindsay III, left his practice in New York City to found the Coalition for Student & Academic Rights (CO-STAR). Since then, acting as its Executive Director, he has built CO-STAR into a national student rights organization that helps thousands of college students with their legal problems, free of charge, each year.


C.L. is a nationally recognized expert and leader in the field of student rights and academic freedom.  He also literally wrote the book on legal problems at colleges.  The College Student’s Guide to the Law has become the definitive authority used by students, university counsel and as a textbook for masters and law courses nationwide.  He graduated magna cum laude from Denison University, and received his J.D. from the University of Michigan. In his spare time, he teaches courses in Law and Literature at the University of Pennsylvania.

The College Student's Guide to the LawReviews:

(keep scrolling…people love this guy!)

“CL did an amazing job! Our students really enjoyed his presentation and we heard great feedback. He definitely presented what I thought was the best educational presentation I have seen so far!” – Ashford University

“WSU-Rochester really enjoyed CL Lindsay last week. He was informative and funny on all topics.   He brought up serious issues in a way that students felt engaged to ask questions.  We would love to have him back again.  From a process stand point, he was really easy to accommodate, probably the most simple requests we have had.  He was a pleasure to work with and we could not be happier.” – Winona State University-Rochester

“C.L., we have had excellent feedback about your visit last week and hope to have you join us again in the future. Students and faculty/staff are still quoting you! Thanks for your flexibility and engaging program.”- Ruth Rodgers, Marian University

“I would first like to begin by thanking you for coming out last year to our 2010-2011 ICCSAA Conference. C.L Lindsay was a huge hit with our students. In fact, because of him we were able to find the site that sells date rape drug testers and were able to prevent them from being handed out to our students before Spring Break. Many of our students were really appreciative and it helped prevent one of our students from becoming a victim of date rape. Thank you to your agency and C.L. Lindsay for being amazing and providing us with the tools to help keep our students safe.” – Rosalena Baez Warner, Southwestern Illinois College

“The parents absolutely loved CL’s presentation. They were riveted the whole time and were very happy to hear that CL would be sharing similar information with their son or daughter. CL was engaging, informative, comfortable and helped us to ensure that Wheelock parents understand the dangers that can happen electronically. Excellent performance both times! I look forward to having CL back here in September.” – Bryan McGrath, Wheelock College

“Thanks for a great presentation at Fort Lewis College last night. It got across much needed information that all students should know in a humorous way that also kept them very engaged in the real message of the topic. Knowing their rights and responsibilities in the eyes of the law is the first best step to making good decisions.” – Kelly J Higgins, Ed.D., Fort Lewis College

“What a pleasure to meet and work with you. We have received awesome feedback about your performance/training. Comments like “The tone was exactly right”, “Loved the action figures” , “Really made it interesting”, “It was better than I thought it was going to be” and on top of all that, you were funny as well! Thoroughly enjoyed you. Just wanted to pass this along.” – PAMELA D. DORSEY, YA-02, DAFC, Scott AFB

“Hope you enjoyed your time in Lincoln! The University Program Council really enjoyed your presentation and working with you!
Included in this email are comments from one of the sororities. Your presentation was a real eye opener!
This was a good presentation and I think it opened a lot of peoples eyes!
I really really liked the speaker! It was really good!
I really enjoyed the presentation, it was very entertaining and educational!!!
The event kept my interest and was very informative. I loved it and would like others similar to this or speakers on a different subject to fulfill the requirement in the future.
Tonight was so much fun! This guy was hilarious!!
Love this idea! Loved the Speaker! Awesome pick!!
I removed my phone number and address from my profile. And I enjoyed the speaker :)
I untagged myself in a picture holding a cup with a golden liquid inside aka cheap beer. I also left the facebook group I HEART BEER. And made sure my profile was set to private. That talk was a blast!
i liked the speaker. i had a good time AND i learned a few things!
I loved that event! We really think we should continue to go to UPC events for Programming requirements.” – Amy Fellhoelter – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“We were blown away by Monday’s program. Thank you so much for coming and for doing what you do. We hope you will return! – Rick Kutz, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

“I wanted to let you know that C.L. Lindsay was so great! His show was very interesting and informative and he was just about the nicest guy! He was genuinely listening when students were talking to him before and after and he made everyone feel really comfortable. Thanks again for recommending him at NACA. You guys are the best! – Kris Fliss, St. Norbert College

“You were right, C.L. Lindsay did not disappoint. He is easy going and great with students, staff and faculty. He answered many questions and he was kind to anyone that approached him. I want to thank you again for making it happen.

Some students that stopped in my office this morning have changed their pages on Facebook. That alone has made this presentation more than successful. However, there is something else happening today, students that attended yesterday must be telling their friends because students have already stopped in to ask if C.L. will be returning. They said they missed his presentation yesterday.  We would like to try for a re-book next year.” – Heather, Bismarck State College, ND

“The C.L. Lindsay program was a HUGE success!! We had about 1000 students in attendance and they really seemed to enjoy the presentation. And C.L. is a great guy… it was wonderful having him on campus for the day. He even went to my legal issues class! Thanks again for everything… we could not have hoped for things to work out better!! And if any schools are ever looking for recommendations about C.L. please send them my way!!” – Jessica Berkey, Western Illinois University

“First of all, I would like to sincerely thank you on behalf of Senate and Lehigh as a whole. The seminar was extremely informative and entertaining,… you provided me with some great words of wisdom.  I’d just like to thank you again, especially for the advice following the seminar. You really exceeded our expectations, and I hope to keep in contact with you in the future. – Jeffery Such, Lehigh University

“Just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job at IU Southeast. Our students loved you!!” – Kathy Corbean, Indiana University Southeast

“I saw many of the students that were [at the program], and they said that it was one of the best lectures they have seen since coming to campus. Good luck to you! Hopefully we will see you next year for another lecture.”- Jeannette Williams,  Johnson & Wales University