Sing Out a Tune

SingOutSmallAre you a karaoke king or queen? Do you often find yourself singing in the shower? Whether you can sing, or think you can sing, you’re guaranteed a good time with Sing-Out-A-Tune – Make Your Own CD.

Lock yourself in our soundproof booth and sing your heart out to one of thousands of hit songs. Then when you’re done, get a souvenir copy of your Grammy-winning performance. In the recording booth, sing like a professional with a studio mic and headphones. Your own personal studio engineer will make you sound like a star. Your friends on the outside can follow along with the words on a karaoke monitor, and hear your superstar recording. We update our karaoke selection every semester to keep it fresh.

Custom covers w/photo stickers

Package with Freaky Snapshots, Freaky Fotos, or Megaflix!