Stunt Jump

sky fall stunt jumpEver wonder what it is like for a stunt man to fall on one of those inflated beds after falling from a building? You can now safely get the exciting feel of landing in one of these life saving beds.

Zero Shock is the amazing technology that brings this experience to life. It is the most advanced impact absorbing technology in the world. Zero Shock air bag systems are used around the globe for the amusement, gymnastics, stunt,extreme sports, civil rescue, and commercial industries. This unit will captivate any crowd. The free fall experience is suitable for a wide range of participants from 5 to 75 years of age. Everyone can do it and everyone will have a blast doing it!

There are two different heights that you can jump. We suggest that everyone try the lower height first so they get the feel of the landing.

Requires at least a 55ft x 35ft area and 2 AC Power Circuits

Mobile Stunt Jump™ —

Innovative–Spectrum Sports Int’l continues to blaze new ground by creating yet another new category of mobile entertainment. The innovative Stunt Jump™ gives you the chance to free-fall through the air like a Hollywood stuntman before landing on a cushion of air.

Safe–The Stunt Jump™ is designed with an eye towards safety. The 27’L x 20’W x 6.5’H jump bag is a proprietary construction that has been designed and refined by trapeze artists to softly absorb landings from heights well above our 20 foot top platform. It has been successfully used in trapeze and stunt applications for over 6 years. The unique design re-inflates very quickly between jumps, and it is soft enough to safely cushion an awkward landing position. The tower continues the eye towards safety with a locking entrance gate, 42 inch high handrail, non-slip treads, and padded edges on the jump platform. This might be the biggest thrill around, but we wouldn’t offer it if we weren’t confident in its safety!

Award-Winning–The jump bag is the same patented design that won “Best Technology Applied” from IAAPA in 2007 under a previous brand name. The tower is a slightly modified version of the “Best New Product from IAAPA in 2011. These 2 products have been combined to offer a premium entertainment experience to participants.