Smarty Pants

About Smarty Pants:

You may have seen simple balloon art before, but never like Smarty Pants! Going far beyond simple dogs & swords, Smarty Pants uses balloons to create astounding sculptures, wearable costumes, and eye-popping, larger than life creations.

Not just for birthday parties, Smarty’s advanced artistry takes balloons to “a higher level.” His balloons have added color and excitement to events at the Chicago History Museum, the Field Museum, the Taste of Chicago, corporate holiday parties and even as a regular feature on WGN-TV’s morning news!

Entertainment Offerings:

The Big Balloon Show

The Big balloon Show is a theatrical style stage show that features magic, comedy, and Smarty’s giant balloon props. The finale of the show features Smarty climbing into a giant six-foot balloon. This show is only suitable for events indoors and runs approximately 45 minutes. Target audience includes families (kids & parents).





Balloon Twisting

Smarty can create a unique, high-end assortment of creative balloon hats, wearable headbands, balloon costumes, and other amazing sculptures. This show is suitable for kids events, college events, adult events, corporate parties, etc.  The minimum time for a booking is 2 hours.






Balloon Installations/Photo Ops

Smarty Pants can create a balloon installation for any event and can be used as a great photo op. Past ideas have included a full-sized car, a full-size motorcycle, and Wonder Woman’s invisible jet.






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